28th edition

SEPTEMBER 21th to SEPTEMBER 30th 2018. Programmation to be announced…


Exposition de Viviane Bertrand - Olomanshibou

Artist Viviane Bertrand led the life of an adventurer, across unexpected and unhoped-for territories where she created her opus with soil and resins that can still be harvested along the St. Lawrence River tributaries. These mediums lend a particular quality and presence to her works, much like Charlevoix’s early settlers whose survival as a group was linked to the art of interpreting images.



 Place Rêves d'automne
4, Ambroise-Fafard Street


 9 h 00 a.m. to 5 h 00 p.m.

 © All rights reserved, Rêves d'automne, Festival of painting, 2014
Photo Credits: Charlotte Harvey, Héli-Charlevoix, Humberto Pinochet,Ginette Vandal, Louis Laliberté

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