Jordans have been manufactured in countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Due to the rarity and global consumer demand, China in particular has started to imitate Air Jordan shoes and sell them as Knock off. Though they may look the same, customers should remember that looks are surely deceiving. The quality of the replica Air Max 90 shoes may be of low grade and not so suitable for playing basketball. What worse are Jordans that are replicated in China and them sold off as Authentic for the same price as the actual authentic. Beware shoppers of such tactics. Always check the seller of the products and be sure to read store policies prior to checking out online./p>

The Cheap Nike Shoes was first released by Nike during Michael Jordans world famous career. Jordan, the most widely acclaimed basketball player has his footsteps followed by millions worldwide. Nike Air Jordans quickly became famous around 1987 when the first Retro version of the Jordan 1 was released. This design is very similar to the very infamous Nike Air Force 1 shoes. The shoe features holes int he toe section for air support in the shoes, a long Nike check mark at the side also distinguishes these two shoes form many other styles.

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