27th edition

SEPTEMBER 22th to OCTOBER 1st 2017... 2017 Line-up to be announced


Couleurs sur le Monde

October 2, 2016
China is the country of honour at the 26th Rêves d’automne. Québecois and Chinese artists gather for a particularly inspiring intercultural and artistic exchange. Come meet the artists and through their opus, travel the globe.
In collaboration with l'Association des échanges des arts & cultures Chine-Canada - Communication des Talents - Département de la culture de la province de Jiangsu



Rêves d'automne Place
4 Ambroise-Fafard Street


10 am to 5 pm


Guest Artists

Patricia Bellerose, Claude Delorimier, Gao Dexing, Yu Hui, Cui Jian, Fang Xiangjun, Yu Xiaoyang and Yang Yaoning


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