27th edition

SEPTEMBER 22th to OCTOBER 1st 2017... 2017 Line-up to be announced

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Rêves d'automne, festival of Painting

Available at site entrances, for only $7 (taxes included). Kids 12 & under: Free.

Buy a Rêves d’automne bracelet for a chance to win a 100km Héli-Charlevoix helicopter ride for three persons valued at $850.


The winner is : Alexandra Jean de St-Aimé-des-Lacs 


The 26th Edition of Rêves d’automne Honours Artist André Biéler.

Prolific artist André Biéler (1896-1989) was an influential art activist and avant-garde professor who in his paintings, brought a modern take on traditional subjects, etchings, sculptures and murals. André Biéler was deeply inspired by everyday scenes of rural Québec, and Charlevoix in particular. His vision of a national organization serving to finance the arts led to the foundation of the Canada Council for the Arts. 




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Photo Credits: Charlotte Harvey, Héli-Charlevoix, Humberto Pinochet,Ginette Vandal, Louis Laliberté

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