Photo Exhibit : Nature, Materials, Abstracts

A photo exhibit where natural materials are examined from a graphic angle. Real abstract creations where the composition builds itself up by means of lines, forms, textures, volumes, lights and colours.

The work of Daniel Bilodeau consists in extracting, through photography, narrow portions of order, harmony and balance of Nature, the essence of which can, at first, seem disorganized, vague or chaotic to us. It is all about tiny details extracted from a Nature in perpetual movement, available, yet fragile and vulnerable!


Rêves d’automne Place


10 am to 5 pm 

Guest Artists

Daniel Bilodeau

 © All rights reserved, Rêves d'automne, Festival of painting, 2011
Credits Photos: Marc Archambault, J-F Bergeron / EnviroFoto, Antoine Girard, Charlotte Harvey,
Humberto Pinochet, François Rivard, Ginette Vandal, Journal Le Soleil, Jean-Marie-Villeneuve

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