Vachement Beau!

September 30, 2011
F. Beddok

This year, a new alliance between the arts and the agricultural heritage of Charlevoix!

To promote the Canadian Cow, the endangered race, historically connected to the charlevoisien country, painters will come to realize an absolutely spectacular work from a life-size sculpture of the Canadian Cow realized in fiberglass.

In cooperation with l’Association de mise en valeur des bovins de race canadienne dans Charlevoix, la Laiterie Charlevoix et Le Massif de Charlevoix.

A word from Fabienne Thibeault
Honorary Sponsor of the ''Association de la mise en valeur du Bovin Canadien dans Charlevoix''
Officer, French Order of Agricultural Merit
Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur
Ambassadress of the Canadienne Cattle species

This fall, the Canadienne Cow takes on an autumn look, colourfully dressed up by Charlevoix painters.

Tremendous idea and noble symbol!
She's right at home in a cultural event the size and importance of Rêves d'automne. It's only the beginning on the agricultural scene for this Charlevoix Star.

She has taken off. Her Milky Way is all set up: in a loving gesture, her motherly love and milk give us a taste of eternity.


Rêves d'automne Place and
Laiterie Charlevoix – 1167 Monseigneur-de Laval Boulevard


September 30 to October 2, 2011
10 am to 4 pm

Guest Artist(s)

Guy Paquet (Laiterie Charlevoix)

Jimmy Perron (Rêves d'automne Place)

 © All rights reserved, Rêves d'automne, Festival of painting, 2011
Credits Photos: Marc Archambault, J-F Bergeron / EnviroFoto, Antoine Girard, Charlotte Harvey,
Humberto Pinochet, François Rivard, Ginette Vandal, Journal Le Soleil, Jean-Marie-Villeneuve

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