Established in 2004, the goal of the competition is to support and nurture creations in visual arts. A resounding success from the very start, the twelfth edition is now launched. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other artists and receive public and media attention. You are invited again this year to express yourselves on the subject of your choice.

The 1st prize winner will deserve in more a stay of three overnight stays during the festival 2015 in an inn of the region of Charlevoix.

In 2014, the contest jury is made up of :
Lucie Couillard, project manager, exhibitions, museology
Juan Cristobal, artist painter
Cathy Martin, director, Rêves d'Automne, Festival de peinture

2014 Contest Winners

1st prize
Gordon Harrison, Rouge enchanté
2nd prize
Josline Tétreault, Adorablement perchés
3rd prize
Manon Boisvert, Trous de mémoire
Mention of honour
Benoit Lévesque, Arabesque
Mention of Honour
Kylie Sandford, Coulement
Favorite of public
Josline Tétreault, Adorablement perchés

2014 Contest Finalists

Art Work
Richard Bélanger
Tôt au printemps
Patricia Bellerose
Rouge Bordeaux
Manon Boisvert
Trou de mémoire
Pauline Boudreau
Arrêt en Pennsylvanie
Jacynthe Comeau
Le goût du rouge
Henriette Gagnon
À travers bois
Gordon Harrison
Route enchanté
Chantal Julien
Benoit Lévesque
France Malo
Martine Modéry
Michel Monett
Terre insolite
François Perras
Vol sur une tranche de terre
Edith Rémy
Les traces du passé
Hélène Renaud
Judith St-Hilaire
Doucement s'éveille
Kylie Sandford
Michael Solovyev
Thé froid
Josline Tétreault
Adorablement perchés
Jeannette Trépanier
Ma soeur

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