Steph DJShawy Lemire, Funky 3 Show

September 24, 2011

The Funky 3 formula is a proven hit from the Casino de Montréal to the Alouettes' 2009 year-end festivities and in numerous private events. The effect of Steph DJShawy Lemire's eclectic groove along with his 2 theatre animal assistants is electrifying.

Steph DJShawy Lemire is an experienced DJ and he knows how to make an evening unique and enjoyable. From crooners to swing, by way of frenchkitchs with his DJ pantoufle, Steph knows how to set the place on fire when it counts.

With 21 years of experience as a professional DJ, his total control of the mike and as well as his oneness with his team can wow the crowd. Steph DJShawy Lemire will be accompanied by two experienced percussionists, Joannie Labelle and Anne-Marie Kérouac.

Admission: $10

Tickets on sale at the cabaret door on show night.


Le Cabaret du Café des artistes
25 St-Jean-Baptiste Street


8:30 pm 

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